4 Easy Steps to Set Up Native Ads on Yocto

If you are reading this, chances are that you’re thinking of advertising using native ads or you are thinking about it but not sure how it really works. Well you’ve come to the right place! Our self-serve programmatic DSP (demand-side platform), Yocto, can offer you many different ways to target and grab your audience’s attention by utilizing native ads in strategic ways. Here’s how…

Step 1: Login or Signup

Make sure you have an account with us first. If not, please visit our website and sign up. If you already have an approved account, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Add Creative

Go to “My Offers” and select the offer you wish to add Native creative to. Click on the “Creatives” tab and “Add Creative” (green button).

screenshot add creative

Step 3: Create Your Native Creative

Next, select “Native” from the “Type” dropdown. A creative preview will pop up displaying what your ad would look like after it is launched and integrated into an “App Wall”, within “Content” or “Social Media”.

Social Media Content Wall App Wall
Blog pic 2(Mar. 30 2015) - Whats so special about native ads zz

Step 4: Adding Content to Your Ad:

Everything is pretty straightforward from here. Fill in the information for your ad including the “Label”, “URL” and “Language”.

  • Label – The name of your native ad (doesn’t have to be the same title as your ad).
  • URL – The landing page where the user will be taken to when they click on your ad.
  • Language – The language that you ad is written in.

The great thing about the three types of native ad previews is that as you fill in the content (Title, CTA Text (Call To Action Text) and Footer Text), it automatically gives you a preview of what your ad will look like – this makes it a lot easier for advertisers to know exactly how their ad will be seen by users.

add creative page

And there you have it!

Your creative ad will then be reviewed by the adMobix team for approval and launch. How simple was that?

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below or contact us directly.

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