adMobix Reveals New Yocto Programmatic DSP with $11 million Advertising Fund

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) August 09, 2014 – adMobix Inc., a mobile marketing company, is proud to announce the public launch of Yocto, their new Programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP), to attendees at the 2014 Affiliate Summit East in New York on Aug. 10 12. After 17 months of development and 40 years of combined industry experience between adMobix’s management team, Yocto will bring state-of-the-art technology to a somewhat clustered and archaic digital advertising landscape.

“Yocto is, at its heart, a Demand Side Platform with many features designed to offer marketers greater control over their Return on Investment (ROI) compared to what they can find in the industry today”, Chad Lavallee, adMobix Chief Product Officer said. In addition, the entire advertising industry is evolving to where every metric has a performance driven component to it. Yoctos foundational pillars were built around that concept 17 months ago.

“Yocto, by definition, is the smallest measurable unit, and it parallels our ability to target to the smallest and most precise metrics available while focused on performance marketing at every level”, said Lavallee.

Along with Yoctos release, adMobix will be giving away $11 million in free advertising to attendees of the Affiliate Summit East in New York. In order to take advantage of this, one must stop by Table #8 at the Meet Market to obtain an invite and will also be given an extensive demonstration of the platforms unique features.

Were so confident in Yocto that we want to remove any entry roadblocks and entice marketers to try it out, Kent Keilback, adMobix CEO said. And were giving them 11 million reasons to.
Yocto differentiates itself from other platforms in many ways. A few key examples are:

  1. Programmatic Bidding
    Artificial intelligence algorithms drive toward your customizable campaign goals; from CPM to eCPA and every measurement rate in between.
  2. Advanced Targeting
    Display an ad to the person playing Candy Crush on a 3G network in your neighbours house after 9 p.m. on Wednesdays. Nuff said.
  3. Brand Safety
    Protect your brand by whitelisting, blacklisting or categorically targeting your desired placements.
  4. Complete Transparency
    View performance of your campaigns by any metric. If the data is available to us, its available to you.
  5. Real-time Granular Reporting
    View any metric and dive as deep as the rabbit hole goes to reveal, or override, the decisions of our programmatic artificial intelligence.
  6. 36 Billion Impressions / Day Globally
    Were constantly adding traffic sources; this number is growing quickly!

Yocto will be released next week; to get started using the distinct platform, please pay a visit to adMobix at the Affiliate Summit or email yoctoinvite(at)admobix(dot)com.

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About adMobix Inc.:
adMobix Inc. is a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology for brands, advertising agencies, mobile application developers, and media companies.

Specializing in Mobile-powered marketing from awareness to customer engagement, adMobix puts proven mobile acquisition tactics to work for your business. From mobile media and creative destination development to real-time tracking and optimization, we tailor ROI- focused campaigns to achieve optimal results.
adMobix is a privately held Canadian Corporation with its headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

About Yocto:
Yocto, a subsidiary of adMobix, is a performance based Programmatic Demand Side Platform.

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