adMobix Rolls Out “Yocto” Programmatic Buying Platform at Mobile World Congress

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) February 24, 2014 – adMobix is proud to announce the release of their BETA version Programmatic Buying platform, Yocto.


As a foundational pillar in adMobix’s business, Yocto helps advertisers find proverbial needles in the global haystack.  Yocto comes from the scientific term for the smallest measurable unit, and is symbolic of the platform’s ability to target down to the finest detail.  “The primary goal of Yocto is to provide a complete cycle, connecting buyers to highly targeted online consumers; efficiently, cost-effectively, ethically, measurably, and through multiple media channels” says adMobix CPO Chad Lavallee.  Yocto focuses on getting the right message to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place; for the right price.

Kent Keilback, CEO of adMobix, admits that “programmatic buying platforms are currently booming in the industry, but it’s the proprietary technology, intuitive UI, and underlying algorithms that distinguish it from other platforms in the space.”  Yocto’s unique targeting criterion are key to setting it apart from other players in the space.  Yocto boasts that brands can target users at 25 high-level targeting points and countless low-level targeting points, such as geographic (country, state/province, city, zip, DMA, geo-fence, hot-spots), device (carrier, manufacturer, operating system), audience (demographic, psychographic, behavioural, lifestyle, socio-economic, etc), social (hyperlocal, homophily, and attribution), retargeting (frequency and recency capping), and day parting. With its built-in brand safety and full transparency, companies will be able to immediately identify and target how and where their brand is shown.

“The computational power and technological advancements embedded in the platform are instrumental in ensuring Yocto delivers the highest possible yield for our key partners; whatever that yield metric may be,” says Matt Gostick, adMobix CTO.  Whether you’re optimizing on maximizing your clicks, Click Through Rates, Conversions, Conversion Rate, Revenue Per User, Life Time Value, or ensuring your users get to “Level 3″, Yocto can deliver, and deliver well.

Contact Yocto today at to see how they can help.


About Yocto

Yocto, a subsidiary of adMobix Inc, is a Real Time Bidding Programmatic Buying Demand Side Platform in beta.

About adMobix Inc.

adMobix is a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology for brands, advertising agencies, mobile application developers, and media companies.

Specializing in Mobile-powered marketing, from awareness to customer engagement, adMobix puts proven mobile acquisition tactics to work for your business. From mobile media and creative destination development to real-time tracking and optimization, we tailor ROI-focused campaigns to achieve optimal results.

adMobix is a privately held Canadian Corporation with its’ headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

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