Yocto (Programmatic DSP) Revealed | Part 1 – Introduction

Before we begin this ongoing series, it’s important to us that the reader has a clear understanding of Yocto and how the platform contributes to the programmatic DSP space. As technology evolved in the advertising industry, we realized that programmatic media buying is where the future of advertising was headed. With that said, 17 months ago, the adMobix management team put their heads together to design and execute a programmatic platform well above industry standards – we called it – Yocto. In each part of the series, you will have a thorough and detailed understanding of each major Yocto feature: “User Targeting (Geo, Device, Attribute, Day Parting)”, “Contextual Targeting” vs “Site/App Targeting” and “Optimization”.

What is Yocto?

Yocto is a programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP) that helps advertisers purchase media in the most cost effective way programmatically through complex machine learning algorithms. In other words, artificial intelligence is the brain and true power behind this platform. Yocto, when defining the word, means the smallest measurable unit. It parallels our ability to help advertisers automatically target unique audiences that will have the best return on their ad spend – right down to the smallest measurable detail. Depending on the level of targeting for a specific campaign, Yocto will display ads across multiple screens, including mobile in-app, mobile web and traditional web, or even a user’s smart televisions or gaming systems.

Yocto’s 7 Key Features

There are seven key features that make Yocto unique:

Programmatic bidding – Artificial intelligence algorithms drive towards your target CPM, CPC, CPA, CTR, CR or any metric you’re driven towards. Complete Transparency – View performance of your campaigns by any metric. If the data is available to us, it’s available to you too!
Advanced Targeting – Display an Ad to the person playing Angry Birds on a 3G iPad in your neighbour’s house after 9pm on Wednesday. ‘Nuff said. Real-time Reporting – View any metric and dive as deep as the rabbit hole goes to reveal, or override, the decisions of your programmatic artificial intelligence.
Brand Safety – Protect your brand by whitelisting, blacklisting or categorically targeting your desired placements. Global Inventory – 182 countries. Over 36 billion impressions per day – globally.
Ad Tag Support – Simply place your external Ad Tags in our platform to quickly launch your campaigns.

All these and much more will be explained in detail throughout the series. Read our blog every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. for a new post about Yocto’s different features.

First up: Part 2 | User Targeting – Geo Targeting. Come back on Thursday to see the strengths of this feature. It’s definitely one of the coolest features we have in the platform!

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