Chad Lavallee brought on as Chief Product Officer at adMobix

Toronto, Ontario – February 7, 2013 (PR Newswire) – It is with great pride and excitement that adMobix welcomes Chad Lavallee to the team as our Chief Product Officer. Lavallee will be using his extensive experience in the technology and advertising spaces to ensure that adMobix maintains a strong strategic direction by overseeing all aspects of our product development and implementation. His initiatives will help us develop key tools, maintain a strong compliance push, and get our message out there via relevant social channels.

Lavallee has a Bachelor of Computer Science and crafted his technology trade through various companies before getting his advertising start at AzoogleAds. He spent 7 days in the Education vertical during which his tech input increased revenue by over 200%, catching the attention of management who plucked him for larger projects. That week left a lasting impression on Kent Keilback as well, who was also on the Education vertical at AzoogleAds in those early days, and as our current CEO knew exactly who he wanted when it came time to recruit a CPO. As employee number 34, Lavallee was thrilled to see the company grow to over 200 employees in the two years he was there. Lavallee was also responsible for running the technological product and project management for the Mobile vertical, the largest vertical of the company. “At AzoogleAds we did some really groundbreaking stuff and it was a gateway to bigger things.”

Following this illuminating period at Azoogle, Lavallee wanted to explore other companies and went to the L.A-based Affnet. As their Vice President of Products, Lavallee helped design a cutting edge enrollment platform for the online education industry. “It helped the education industry really understand the core metrics that were making businesses tick and provided that transparency throughout the industry.” After 5 years of telecommuting between California and his home office in Toronto, Lavallee decided to once again use his expertise to help a startup company grow into something he could be proud of.

311d53c“I question everything, try to understand the base reason why this is here and if it can be improved. I look at everything in my life that way.” -Chad Lavallee

As Keilback puts it, “Chad is able to take what’s in my head and make it into a tangible product that makes us money”, which is a simple way of saying that Lavallee is responsible for our technological and product builds being in line with our strategic direction. “His contributions will be key to our success, and we’re confident he will meet all objectives.”

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