Capture Your Audience With Effective Programmatic Creatives


It all starts with the creative. Even though programmatic is the forefront of digital advertising these days, marketers and advertisers still have to take into account that their creative is just as important as their campaign’s metrics. In fact, one will not see successful advertising results without an attractive creative.

According to a recent article in AdExchanger, “advertising still depends largely on the power of creativity”. In order for your campaign to be successful, it must provide an “emotional appeal” for the audience. People tend to gravitate towards ads that they can relate to. As programmatic platforms become more sophisticated and precise with targeting and data consumption, designing compelling and more personal creatives is what will drive the artificial intelligence forward.

Mobile users who see the ad will not care how you utilized programmatic technology to target them. Instead, the first thing they see is the visual (your creative) and the message behind it. If the ad tells a story, hits them close to home and evokes emotion, they will most likely engage with it. For example, a basic programmatic model with a regular creative would look something like this: Company A serves a jeans ad to mobile users on their device. The user clicks on the ad and is routed to the company’s website. They place  a pair of jeans they want to buy in the online shopping cart. However, the jeans are in the cart for a few days and the consumer hasn’t purchased it yet. This may be because of the price, second thoughts or they just weren’t really looking to buy a pair of jeans – which is where the creative comes in.

Instead of spending ad dollars on jeans ads and serving it to people who may or may not be interested, Company A can save money by creating compelling creatives and target only those whom they know are currently shopping for jeans. When a user who has been browsing for a pair of jeans sees the ad, the creative will remind them of key moments in their lives (maybe they lost their favourite pair of jeans) and need a new pair. That way, Company A saved time by using a one-time targeting method in order to attract consumers to their clothing store.

It’s not just about capturing your audience with data and programmatic metrics, but knowing what they are like and translating that into intriguing and personable ads.

Read the full AdExchanger article and real ads that captured the audiences’ emotion.

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