Holiday Advertising Watch: More shoppers on social media

Last week’s Holiday Advertising Watch blog post suggested that marketers are losing a majority of their customers (and even more during this time) if they don’t advertise on mobile.

This week’s entry will focus on gaining more customers through social media during the holidays. According to a survey from MarketLive, social media will play a large part in influencing many holiday shoppers’ decision this year. This means that traffic from Facebook and Twitter is very valuable at this time since more users will use social media as their go-to guide for gift ideas, read service/product reviews and engage with companies and brands.

Getting your ad on to social media sites, whether native or regular ads, can pursued a consumer in two ways: 1) Have them perform an action (cost-per-click, subscription/email sign-up, install) 2) Insert the brand into their heads so their first instinct is to buy/use that brand or service when they need to.

With a wealth of demographic data and interests that Facebook and Twitter provides about their users, it gives marketers a huge advantage when targeting the right audience. Even though Facebook users don’t necessarily visit the website to search for gifts, the idea of planting the brand into the consumer’s head or reminding them that they need to get their Christmas shopping done; and have them convert to a customer when they see an ad, clicks on it and makes a transaction.

Native ads have become a common practice for marketers and even app developers. They’re effective because Facebook and Twitter users could be scrolling through their feed and come across the ad embedded in their feed.

The MarketLive consumer survey suggests that 30% of shoppers made a purchase as a result of some form of engagement with an ad on social media in 2014. This is comparison to only 18% last year.

The usage and influence of social media is increasing every year. It’s a great opportunity to increase sales, attain customers and secure them leading up to 2015. As we reiterate in every blog post, marketers must take advantage of the Q4 holiday frenzy and online interaction whether it’d be social media, mobile or desktop.

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