In the News: BizReport – “Ad RoundUp: Partnerships increase ad support across channels”

Following our recent press release about adding four new SSP partners and integrating native ad support to our Yocto programmatic DSP platform, BizReport followed up with this article below.

First, DataHero has launched two new features – dashboard sharing and view only licenses – to their platform. The new additions will allow users to share their data company-wide; this kind of sharing should open up businesses to a better view of how their campaigns are faring.

Meanwhile, adMobix has added supply side providers to their programmatic DSP. Opera Mediaworks, PubNative, TapSense and engage:BDR have all integrated with the adMobix Yocto. The integrations will give advertisers and agencies access to more inventory and help them increase their reach into the global ad space.

“Our programmatic buying platform leverages data and automation across multiple screens and as a result, the ‘holy grail’ of marketing can be achieved whereby an ad unit can be served with the right message, to the right person at the right time,” said Kent Keilback, CEO of adMobix. “The addition of new SSPs speaks to our commitment to delivering users the highest possible yield, whatever that yield metric may be in the most efficient way.”

Finally Voxox has launched their Cloud Phone service to OEMs and operators. Their solution allows brands to ‘white label’ or co-brand the services; the phone numbers can be forwarded to existing landline or mobile phones and support multiple employee extensions.

“Since its introduction last year, Cloud Phone has been addressing a need in the small business community for a powerful yet easy-to-use business phone solution that centers on the smartphone; now, we are enabling our operator and OEM partners to take advantage of this market opportunity,” said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Voxox. “White labeling a solution like Cloud Phone will not only allow operators to deliver added value to their existing customers, but it will also help them earn new customers who are seeking advanced business features from their service provider.”

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