Paul Cook is now Vice President of Sales and Distribution at adMobix

Toronto, Ontario – October 18, 2013 (PR Newswire) – adMobix is pleased to announce our most recent hire, Paul Cook, as the new Vice President of Sales and Distribution. Cook will lead the organizational efforts to increase revenue profitability by building our human resources on both the sales and distribution sides.  His unique background in both account management and product strategy enables him to work with customers to create a mobile strategy roadmap that maximizes value to them as well as his partners. He is passionate about results, innovation, and everything mobile.

Prior to joining the mobile marketing space, Cook was managing a team of fitness professionals when one of his clients, the founder of AzoogleAds, recognized his charisma and leadership skills as something that would be an asset to his current venture. Cook was recruited to AzoogleAds and worked there for 2 years as an Advertising Sales Manager. He was responsible for lead generation, new customer acquisition, as well as finding and securing new business partnerships with Western U.S. companies seeking online advertising.

corp-paulFollowing AzoogleAds, Cook held senior positions at several companies including Cyberplex Digital Media Inc, Mundo Media, and Blue Lithium (acquired by Yahoo!). Through these transitions he was able to hone his strategic instincts for the industry, making him an extremely beneficial acquisition for adMobix. Cook’s fitness background helped make him an excellent team motivator and his marketing experience provides immeasurable value to our company. We look forward to having a ‘go-to’ guy for the best possible campaign solutions and are confident in choosing Cook as the face of adMobix when presenting ourselves to prospective clients, advertisers, agencies and publishers.

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About adMobix

adMobix is a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology for brands, advertising agencies, mobile application developers, and media companies. Specializing in Mobile-powered marketing, from awareness to customer engagement, adMobix puts proven mobile acquisition tactics to work for your business. From mobile media and creative destination development to real-time tracking and optimization, we tailor ROI-focused campaigns to achieve optimal results.

adMobix is a privately held Canadian Corporation with its headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

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