Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Programmatic on Mobile

Technology in the digital advertising world has changed the way ads are bought and sold. More and more advertisers and marketers are turning to programmatic buying to obtain ad inventory. Not only that, but the mobile usage has increased tremendously and it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. Because of this, advertising on mobile has also grown over the past two years and buying programmatic ads have become a very convenient way to serve the right message to the right person at the right time. This type of ad-buying technology brings ease, efficiency, and most importantly, it saves time! Here are four main reasons you should use programmatic on mobile.

The Sky’s The Limit (For Mobile Inventory):

A lot of the best ad inventory is in programmatic and marketers and advertisers can get premium ads for mobile placements from top publishers. As mobile usage increases, so does the value of inventory for it. More and more large and well-known companies have already caught on to this trend which therefore gives marketers and advertisers a lot of variety when it comes to purchasing ad inventory.

Artificial Intelligence-Based:

Programmatic leverages the strength of “artificial intelligence”. It uses machine-learning algorithms to understand and put together reports of how well your ad is doing. For example, it can explore the best placements on thousands of apps or websites for you in a short amount of time. This is a lot more efficient than adding the human element to digital ad buying – artificial machines make decisions faster than humans as they are able to work around the clock 24/7.

Automatically Helps Your Campaign Make Decisions:

Not only can programmatic gather information about your campaign for you, it can also break down the information and help you make informed decisions around it. To add to the example in #2, after the programmatic engine explores and tests all ad placements, it can tell you which sites and apps are the most successful to advertise your ad on (and scrap the placements that don’t work well). This plays a large part in efficiency and time. Who wants to waste their ad dollars on placements that will not generate engagement and ROI?

Excellent Targeting and Reach:

Programmatic allows for very fine and granular targeting. It is meant for advertisers to target their audience with relevant ads at the right time – and saving money (ad spend) while doing this. For example, the advertiser can use hyperlocal targeting to target a certain group of people in a city, within a certain radius or down to the exact zip code. Programmatic advertising can also allow the advertiser to set a certain number of days and a time to serve the ad to their selected audience in the selected area. And since we are talking about mobile advertising, advertisers can also choose to only target people who own a specific mobile phone/tablet or using a specific software or carrier on their device.

All in all, buying programmatically for mobile is a definite advantage for any advertiser or marketer because it saves them time and money. Programmatic for mobile is here to stay and we’ve just scraped the surface in this blog. There are an endless amount of reasons why it benefits digital advertising as a whole.

The programmatic engine is able to make smart decisions by finding the best ad placements as well as have the ability to target only the people who will care about a specific ad. Therefore, money is not wasted on irrelevant views.

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