Using Data to Your Mobile Advertising Advantage

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Data is critical when it comes to programmatic mobile marketing. Your strategies and ad spend rely heavily on the data you have about your audience and how you use it to your advantage – but most importantly, data helps marketers and advertisers create a personalized user experience. Like Abu Bakr said, “Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile”. It is difficult to optimize (which is considered as the “action”) a successful campaign if the advertiser or marketer doesn’t not have enough data (considered as the “knowledge”).

Without data, who will the ad target? Where should the ad be served (countries, cities, specific regions, etc.)? What time should the advertiser serve the ad to maximize the most views/engagement? The list goes on.

According to the 2015 IAB MIXX awards insights report, data-driven precision plays a large role in digital advertising today. Richelle Parham, VP and CMO of North America eBay says that “Personalization is what we’re all going to focus on. We’re going to have to figure out how to use all the really great data to create experiences that feel like they are ‘for me.'”

Most people can’t live without their phones. The information stored on their devices from apps they tend to always download or the websites they are constantly visit, make each mobile phone unique to each user. Therefore, knowing this kind of data about your audience gives you a lot of room to personalize your creative and serve your ads to the ones who will care about it.

Digital advertising is now more precise, targeted and of course data-driven than ever before. Without data about the marketers or advertisers’ audience, it will be difficult to attract people to their brands and services. Marketers and advertisers need to treat the data that they have collected like gold and use it to their advantage.

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