What’s so Special About Native Ads?

Blog pic 2(Mar. 30 2015) - Whats so special about native ads

Incorporate the native ad within the newsfeed of an app that will intrigue the user

Insert your native ad in an app store that is relevant to the apps the user is browsing

You’ve probably heard the term “native ads” bouncing around lightly last year if you’re a buyer, advertiser, publisher or someone in the digital advertising industry.  As 2015 rolled around, “native” has become the buzzword – and for good reason: it’s effective, appealing and attention-grabbing for the complete mobile experience.

However, there are still many who are not familiar with the up-and-coming advertising option. A native ad is simply an ad that blends seamlessly into the content you are viewing on your mobile or tablet device.The ad is usually written or presented in a way that is similar to the content the user is browsing, which calls for greater engagement and conversion rates for advertisers. Picture yourself on a fitness app. As you are scrolling through the app’s newsfeed about fitness and health, haven’t you ever come across an image with some kind of message and mistook it as a regular post? After giving it a double-take or clicking on it, you realize it’s an ad. Whether you clicked on it or not, that native ad sparked your interest in one way or another. This is because it was integrated within your fitness app’s newsfeed and was targeted specifically to you in terms of your activity on the app.

Users are more likely to engage with a native ad because it is related to their interests and what they are browsing for at that certain time. Advertisers know this, which is why they use smart targeting methods such as hyperlocal targeting and category targeting. According to the Huffington Post, 32% of consumers would rather share a native ad than a banner ad (19%).  Also, 70% of individuals prefer to learn about products through the content of native ads as opposed to traditional advertising. They then spend almost the same amount of time engaging in a native ad as they would when reading editorial content.

Numbers don’t lie and the same goes with great, effective advertising. If users are engaged with the content on their device, they will most likely be interested in what your native ad has to offer. The feel and look of native ads are a lot more eye-catching which also plays a large role in its success at the moment – and we can definitely vouch for them and say it is here to stay.

Ask yourself: as a mobile or tablet user, would you rather see ads related to your interests and the content you are currently viewing at the time?  Let us know in the comments!

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